About Us

We are Lennart and Jolene, two travellers who travel the world together. Sometimes with our ‘dog’ Hippo (a mix between a mini pincher / chihuahua). Our travel addiction started in South Africa. In 2007 Lennart did an internship in South Africa at Raggy Charters, a whale watching company. Jolene did an internship in an orphanage. We stayed with the owner of Raggy Charters in Sea View (village nearby Port Elizabeth) in a house overlooking the Indian Ocean.


We traveled a lot in South Africa and fell in love with the country. Because we couldn’t get enough of Africa we came back the next year for 6 months. Then we wanted to see the rest of the world as well! Ever since we’ve travelled to countries like Scandinavian, the west coast of the USA, New York, Borneo, Hong Kong, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Argentine and Botswana amongst others.


While traveling, we met beautiful people and great cultures, visited inspiring places and experienced amazing moments. We would like to share all our experiences with you…