It might not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Kenya: spending some time at the beach on the Kenyan Coast. Usually, you hear about all the magnificent game parks in this country but we learned that there are plenty of great destinations, lovely white sand beaches, and even some palm trees along the Kenyan coast. We decided to end our journey through Kenya in a small coastal town just south of Mombasa.

After all these amazing bush experiences in the Masai Mara, Amboseli, Tsavo West, and Tsavo East it was time to relax at the beach. Both Tsavo West and East are prime game parks to combine with a beach holiday in Kenya. Both of these parks are quite easily accessible from Mombasa. We left Tsavo East using the most Southern exit gate called Buchama and a couple of minutes later we were driving on the Mombasa road.

Mombasa Madness

The first part of our journey that day was more than fine. Once we came close to Mombasa it got worse and worse. First we got stuck near a big dumping ground. The smell of all that garbage was the worst. When we got out of this traffic jam we drove onto a road which you can hardly call a road. There were more potholes than pieces of proper tar. Then we got into more traffic jams and everyone was trying to skip the queue. Right in front of us, even a police car got hit by another car just because he wanted to speed the process of getting through the city. When we were nearly at our destination it got worse. A huge rainstorm blessed our car and since it was such an old car my feet were getting wet in the car! Welcome to Africa haha.

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Although we were there just before the ‘short rainy season’ we were lucky up till that point. Once we got to the magnificent Ocean Village Club I was just pleased that the gas- and brake pedals were still working.

The warm welcome, location and overall vibe of the Ocean Village Club were splendid so we forgot about the interesting drive pretty fast. The hotel is situated in the coastal town of Diani Beach and has got beautiful rooms and facilities and an excellent beach right in front of the hotel. With our umbrellas still in our hands, we made our way to a lovely lunch so we could relax a bit. That afternoon it kept on drizzling but when the sun did appear we took that opportunity and made a leisurely stroll on the beach.

When it’s raining it’s raining

During our trips in Africa, we definitely learned not to complain about the rain. It’s absolutely essential so that the fields can grow, people can farm and that everyone has got enough to eat. That night however there was that much rain that we were genuinely surprised that our car wasn’t washed away on the parking lot! After breakfast the sun miraculously made her debut and turned this rainy day into a really hot one…

The shade of a palm tree next to the Indian Ocean was our hideout that afternoon. We took a short walk to a local market, enjoyed the swimming pool, had lunch and ended this great afternoon with a drink. Don’t feel sorry for us!

We decided to walk on the beach to a nearby hotel with a lovely restaurant. While walking we had to avoid the numerous crabs that came out of the sand. The restaurant’s food was fantastic: perfectly seared tuna.  The quality and quantity of the food were insane!

A sunny day at the Kenyan Coast!

The next morning we woke up to a blue and sunny sky. We didn’t do much else than the previous day but included a game of petanque on the beach! Who would have thought that you could play this game on the Kenyan Coast ;). After a short stroll in the afternoon, our car was being picked up later that day. Jolene took a nice and relaxing massage and we all ended that day with some (once again) pretty amazing food…

The long way home

Although a flight from Nairobi to Amsterdam isn’t that long it took us quite a bit of time to get home. This was mainly due to our impeccable planning. It turned out to be Independence Day in Kenya and the president was about to address the nation in a speech he held in Mombasa. Unfortunately for us this was right next to the ferry we had to take to get to the airport. Our hotel advised us to leave early.

Although we saw a lot of military and locals on their way to the president’s speech we were still really early at Mombasa Airport. Therefore we had to wait about 4 hours before flying to Mombasa. After spending about 5 more hours at Java House (coffee shop) in Nairobi’s Airport we took the plane to Amsterdam. What an incredible trip!

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