The first night in Nairobi didn’t really look like Africa since we spend it in the Hilton near the airport. That was until we opened the curtains the next day. We’re back in Africa, how wonderful!

Breakfast was served early today so that we could make our way to another airport in Nairobi: Wilson Airport. Today we were heading to the Masai Mara by air since we still know how bad the road leading to this great park was last year. We were unsure how big the plane would be but we were all wrong. It turned out to be a propellor plane with a capacity of about 50 people. After a great cup of coffee at the airport we were on our way. Even though it was a plane it sure felt like a bus. There were multiple stops at different airstrips in the park. The third stop was our cue to get out. This was just in time as the flight was quite wobbly which didn’t do any good for our stomachs. The airstrip itself was interesting as well. Just some dirt, rocks and an animal here and there. What else do you need?

Paradise in the Masai Mara

Our airstrip was Olkiombo. Or: a dirt road in the middle of the Masai Mara. Lenkoko, our guide and ranger for the next couple of days, gave us a warm welcome. Next stop was our Rekero Camp by Asilia Africa. The whole staff welcomed us and showed us around. The lunch was just about ready when we arrived. With a lovely view on the Talek river the food tasted even better.

The tents at the camp weren’t really tents. This was just a luxury home with a bathroom, sleeping area and a veranda on the front overlooking the river. Our neighbours were a couple of hippos in the river. Since the camp is unfenced you really get that bush feel when you’re there. This does mean you have to be escorted to your tent by local Masai when it’s dark. Just to make sure you don’t have a close encounter with a hippo…

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Beer, wine and a leopard…

At 4PM we went to the main area for some ice coffee and tea with some biscuits. After that Lenkoko took us on our afternoon drive through the magnificent landscape of the Masai Mara. Driving over the plains and through rivers we saw lots of wildlife. We even spotted a serval! Nearing the end of the drive a leopard was spotted by others. Since we couldn’t find him instantly we decided to grab a beer, some wine and wait along the river. All of a sudden the leopard came out of his hiding spot. Lenkoko shouted “Hold on!” and with our drinks still in our hands we crossed the river. We then heard a lot of screaming of a baby warthog and the leopard rushed along the car. We just witnessed a leopard kill! Wow! To make this day even better we ended it with a campfire in our own private dining area.

Our mission of today: Cheetahs!

Lenkoko asked us what we were interested in. Although there (luckily) aren’t any guarantees in the bush I really wanted to see a cheetah. There are five ‘Insta-famous’ (in the wildlife community that is ūüėČ ) cheetah brothers in the Masai Mara. Last time when we drove ourselves we tried to find them, got stuck due to the muddy road and ended up not seeing them. We started the morning drive with a lioness and three playing cubs near our camp. Then two male lions walked down the hill. What a start!

We then set out to find the five brothers. Far far far away from the camp is where we found them! They were even relaxing on top of a hill, just like in the documentaries! This morning couldn’t get any better one would think. Lenkoko mentioned that their last kill was about two days ago so he expected them to hunt again. Therefore we decided to stick with them and had some breakfast. The coffee was just poured when the cheetahs suddenly started to move again. Lenkoko managed to tell us to hold everything outside of the car and we rushed towards the cheetahs. They just killed a wildebeest! Once we arrived there the wildebeest was still alive but not for long. This poor animal was suffocated by the cats so they too would have breakfast. After a while the vultures came and it was a hyena who ended this feeding frenzy.

What a start of our trip

This was such an amazing morning! We drove back to our camp to have another wonderful lunch. We then played a game of hearts overlooking the Talek River and some giraffes. The afternoon drive was nice and chill. We saw lots of hippos and some crocodiles in a local pool. Dinner that day was all about all the wonderful things we saw today.

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