It’s not just travelling that we really like. Taking photos of pretty much everything we see and encounter in terms of scenery and wildlife is another hobby. We both like to take photos whenever we can. How cool is it that some of our photos and experiences ended up on the Shutterstock blog?!

Take photos in the golden hour

Whenever we spend a night in a game park we wake up early so that we get to experience the so called ‘golden hour’. Just before the sun is about to rise the light is amazing and almost every single photo you take turns out great. Since we both like to take photos we decided that if the animal is on your side of the car you’re the one that’s responsible for taking an awesome shot. We do turn the car around every now and then to get the perfect angle ;).

take photos

Mental picture

I feel like whenever I take a photo I remember that experience way better. Later on, when I process the image or simply see it I know exactly where I was and when it was taken. It does help that you select the photo first, edit it and then upload it to several sites.

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Most Breathtaking Earth Day

We publish our photos on several ‘stock’ sites like Shutterstock. Other people are able to buy and download our photos from these sites. We were approached by Shutterstock to contribute to their ‘Most Breathtaking Earth Day’ blog regarding our best wildlife experience. For us this was at the end of our trip through Botswana in 2016 when we decided to go on one last late afternoon drive. We then stumbled upon a male leopard marking his territory who met a pack of wild dogs. You can read the complete article on the Shutterstock blog.

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