Haven’t got that much time to spend in Kasane? Take a boat trip over the Chobe River or spot some game in Chobe National Park. Read all tips and tricks about this interesting area in this post.

Kasana directions

Kasane is situated in the most North-Eastern part of Botswana. The Chobe River flows along Kasane and the town borders Chobe National Park. You can also cross the border into Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe from Kasane. If you just want to get into Kasane you can do this by plane or car. There are daily flights between Johannesburg and this little interesting town.

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Facts about Kasane

– There’s a huge baobab which was used as a prison back in the days.
– Kasane borders Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe.
– Two massive rivers, the Zambezi and Chobe, meet here.
– The entrance to Chobe National Park, the oldest National Park in Botswana, can be found in Kasane.

Lunch in Kasane

We arrive in Kasane at lunchtime. We’re on a quest to find a nice little restaurant. Since there are plenty of restaurants and hotels near the river this is quite easy. We ended up at a local joint called The Old House. Overlooking the Chobe River with some excellent fish on the menu this was not a bad choice. After this lunch we decide to relax a bit back at the campsite.

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Chobe Rivier boat cruise

At 2.45PM we’re being picked up for a boat cruise on the Chobe River. Well packed with a camera, binoculars and some sunscreen we get to the dock. Since the river flows through the National Park there is a big chance of seeing some spectacular wildlife. Big herds of elephants arrive get down to the river to drink just before the sun decides to set. What a magnificent sighting. It’s great to see these animals from a different perspective. The boat cruise is definitely one of the highlights if you’re in Kasana for 24 hours (or less). You’ll probably see some swimming (!) elephants right next to your boat. They swim towards small islands in the middle of the river where the grass is even better. Sometimes the water is that deep that the only you’ll see is their trunk. After all those beautiful moments it gets dark and we’re heading back. You can book a trip like this at pretty much every accommodation.

Where to stay in Kasane?

Talking about accommodation in Kasane. There’s plenty of choice for every budget. This is the top 3 on Tripadvisor.
1. River View Lodge
2. Chobe River Cottages
3. The Old House
There are also a couple of campsites in Kasane like the Thebe River Lodge, Toro Safari Lodge, Chobe Safari Lodge or Kubu Lodge.

Morning drive in Chobe National Park

We wake up early for a morning drive in Chobe National Park. Due to the permanent presence of water in the river you’ll definitely see plenty of game. Especially in the dry season lots of animals move to the river. Be sure to have a car with 4×4 since the roads can be pretty sandy. If you don’t fancy driving yourself you can book a trip at your hotel, B&B or one of the tour operators. Be sure to check out if the admission fee is included or if you have to pay on arrival. When we were there we saw plenty of elephants, impalas, hippos and even a leopard. Amazing! After being 24 hours in Kasane we bought some fresh rolls at the Hot Bread Shop right behind the Shell: What else could you possibly wish for?!

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