How do you plan an amazing South African honeymoon when you’re on the road for 11 months and got married at Zanzibar? Luckily for me it was Jolene who decided to organise a fantastic honeymoon. The only downside was that I didn’t have a clue about where we were heading when our plane landed…

Hints for the South African honeymoon

After we packed all of our stuff that was still in Centurion we drove out of the city. The first hint I got was that we were heading in the direction of Nelspruit. Since that’s also the way to Kruger I first thought that we would go and spot some game in the national park. After a few new hints however we suddenly turned off the highway towards Sabie and that’s when I really didn’t know where we were going. A couple of kilometers passed Sabie we reached our hotel: the Timamoon Lodge.


Although we left the main road it still took us about four kilometers down and then up again on an average dirt road. After that the South African honeymoon could really start. Jolene booked the most wonderful villa in this boutique lodge. We overlooked the Sabie river and had a spectacular view on the surrounding mountains. Add our own (!) infinity pool, a huge house with an extra extra large bath room and you know it’s going to be an amazing couple of days. The bottle of champagne that was waiting on us in our room added to the excitement. How often do you get to pop a bottle of champagne in your own swimming pool?!

A culinary highlight

It wasn’t just the villa that was amazing. The food served at their restaurant was so good it almost made me want to eat my plate as well. How about a three course breakfast where the menu changes daily?! Or the private dining experience we had? Our own room with the most wonderful food on our table. That private feeling and exclusivity were the keywords of the Timamoon Lodge. Even when you’re in the ‘restaurant’ the tables outside are placed in a way where you feel like you’re the only ones there. It was almost like having your own private forest.

Relax and chill

Since the villa was that big and the exclusive character was that important for the managers we simply had our couples massage on our own private deck. The next day we were a bit more active. We drove back to the main road and were on our way to a quad tour. We cruised along the river and through the mountains on this little monster. After this ‘outing’ we didn’t leave the lodge anymore. It was simply to pretty and perfect to not chill and relax in this wonderful environment. What an amazing way to end this part of our journey. Cheers!

Watch the video of the Honeymoon at Timamoon Lodge

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