Maybe you think about quitting your job and travel the world. Many people think about that but a few actually doing it. It raises a lot of questions and reasons why you shouldn’t do it. Like you have a permanent job contract, what about your house, your pets, your car? Can I leave my family? My motto is you get more regret from the things you didn’t do than you did do. So we decided to travel the world. We have quite our jobs and are going on a big adventure. But where do you start your plans. Where are you going? What are you going to do? How much money do you need? What do you need to arrange? Here is in 5 steps how you can make a plan to ‘Go Wander The World’.

1. Brainstorm where you want to go

This is often the most fun thing to do. Especially if you are enjoying a glass of wine and start fantasizing where you want to go. Don’t immediately think what is feasible but let your feelings speak. Will it be Asia, South America or, as in our case, Africa. We visited different parts of the world but in Africa we feel most at home. That’s why we want to start here.

travel2. What do you want to do?

Brainstorm what you can do abroad? Do you only want to travel or do you want to work a little? Write both your ideas on yellows and present it to each other. Otherwise present it to a friend. Then talk to each other about it. It’s fun to see what you may thinking. It is important that you dare to adjust your plans. Our original plan was to emigrate to South Africa. But when we summarized our ideas we came to the conclusion that we don’t want to stay in one place but see many different places. This enabled us to adjust our plans from emigration to travel.


3. What do you want to see?

Do you always wanted to go to see Machu Pichu? Or climb Kilimanjaro? Or visit the mountains gorillas? Again you can write this on yellows and present them to each other. This way you can fuse your ideas and become more concrete and you know what you need to put on your budgetlist.

4. How much money do you need?

Now that you have made your ideas concrete, there is one question left; How much money do you need? Make a budget and find out what it cost that you want to do. There are many forums that can give you an estimate of how expensive life is in a particular country.

5. Make a budget plantravel

Now that you know how much you need for your travel plan it is important to take stock. How much money do you have this moment and how much do you still need. With Excel you can create a simple budget list. You can also calculate how many months you still have to work. If you save money with a goal in mind than it’s easier to save money. You know where you’re saving for. You can also sell some stuff that you don’t need anymore for an extra income.

When you reach your goal, make that dream come true and Go Wander The World…..

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