Wednesday 12-12-2018 was finally there. The preparations started early that day: they got rid of the seaweed on the beach and these arches out of palm leaves were formed. Some flowers were added and after about 8 hours they were done with this. Since the Zanzibar wedding ceremony only started at 4PM everyone relaxed a bit near the swimming pool and the beach.

Hair and make-up

It was at noon when I started to prepare myself for the big day since the Italian make-up artist/hairstylist Matilde arrived a bit later. Everyone thought I was way too relaxed to be the bride. I was just happy with all the friends and family present and enjoying themselves. If I’ve learned one thing while traveling in Africa is that everything will be alright in the end. My mum made sure I ate and drank enough during the preparations and my girlfriends checked in every now and then to see how Matilde was doing. I was so pleased with the result, she did a great job.

The big moment

Everyone was waiting at the beach to see me walking down the aisle together with my dad. It was a wonderful moment. The arches were placed as if it was a church which made it quite intimate even though we were on the beach. Marco was the one who did a great ceremony though he didn’t really speak up. Luckily we had some African touches with a scooter passing by on the beach and some Masaai as special spectators.

Watch the Video – Zanzibar wedding

Let’s take some photos

After the ceremony it was photo time. We walked a bit down the beach to find a spot where our photographer Andrew Morgan could launch his drone for some aerial shots. Since we did that before we knew how cool these kids find drones. Therefore I managed to let these kids sit down away from us. It also meant that Andrew made some amazing and spontaneous shots from me and these kids.

A (day and) night to remember

The Zanzibar wedding couldn’t end any better with a proper six-course Italian wedding dinner. In between the courses we heard wonderful speeches from our friends and family. After we had dinner we ended the day with a cool beach party on our bare feet. It was simply amazing!

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