What a journey. And how sensational were the next couple of days going to be with our wedding in Zanzibar. After we said goodbye to Sea View and took the long road up to Bloemfontein we arrived in Johannesburg. Just in time for Jolene to try on her wedding dress one more time. The next day we would fly to Zanzibar and although I didn’t see the dress before the wedding I was quite shocked when I saw the dimensions of the bag. That was going to be interesting on the plane.

Fly away

We packed our two bags and drove off towards the airport. We managed to get through both customs and security quite easily with the dress. It was pretty intense though when we ordered some coffee and this lady held here tray full of drinks right above the dress. At the first leg of our flight the dress even flew Business Class while we were in the cosy Economy Class!

It’s been a while

We touched down late in the evening and drove to a tiny hotel near the airport. Our parents would arrive early the next day and we were going to surprise them. They didn’t expect anything and after meeting them we drove towards Matemwe. Over the next few days more and more friends and family arrived. How cool was that after more than 11 months!

Blub blub

After almost everyone checked in at Zanzibar House or the neighbouring Kiganja Retreat a snorkel/dive tour was organised. While most of the people snorkeled it were Jeroen and Remco that did some serious diving and Peter and Martien decided to dive for the first time after doing a swimming pool diving session. The dolphins were swimming around us and there was plenty of fish. Although everyone was pretty tired after a day like this we really liked it.

African experience

Shortly after the snorkel trip the next ‘event’ was happening back at the hotel. The owner of the hotel, Massimilliano, booked an African dance group/circus act during our diner. It was the last night before our wedding and after our speech to thank everyone the dancers started. While we were a little hesitant at the beginning of the night it turned out great. More and more friends were involved in the dances and acts. It was a night to remember… Just like our wedding day but we’ll cover that in a separate post ;-).

What a week at Zanzibar!

I’ve had such a great time at Zanzibar. We played some volleybal, football and tennis on the beach. We swam, snorkelled, talked and sipped on some cocktails and beers. This was definitely an amazing week. It’s kind of special to have all those people around during the week that you get married. We will never ever forget this wedding in Zanzibar!

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