Four months had passed since we had seen the ocean. That’s why we were super excited when we descended along the Outeniqua pass and saw the massive blue mass in front of us. We camped in Wilderness along the Touw River, that turned out be rather interesting…

The perfect combination in Wilderness

The fun thing about camping in South Africa is that there are plenty of proper campsites with ditto facilities. Especially the SANParks ones. Moreover they’re quite cheap which makes it possible to sleep on a budget and save some money for some ‘luxurious’ wining and dining and other activities. As soon as we pitched our tent we walked towards the beach of Wilderness and ended up having a drink in a five star hotel overlooking the Indian Ocean. When we were there a couple of dolphins were playing in the waves, what a bonus!

Shortly hereafter we walked back to do a boat trip on the Touw River. While you can‘t go that far on the river it is fun to spot some birds and the insanely big and luxurious houses along the river. After this we headed back to our ‘pretty’ house of €20,-.

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When it’s raining it’s raining

The next morning it was still dark when got out of our tent. Apparently the sun did come up that morning but was hiding behind these really dark clouds. We decided to drive to a town called George which had plenty to offer on a rainy day. First stop was a delicious coffee bar then a mall for lunch, a movie thereafter and finally a pizza when we were back in Wilderness. It did rain the whole day and when we got back to our campsite the grass was getting muddy already. We managed to race into the tent and tried to sleep.

Since the rain was getting worse and worse we hardly slept. At one point it sounded like we were in a swimming pool when we turned around. At 4.30 the manager came and screamed that we should get out of our tent. The river nearly flooded and the water was coming down from the mountains behind us. Wet to the bone we managed to pack our tent and shortly hereafter we drove towards Nature’s Valley in our heated car.

Heavenly breakfast in Knysna

Although we were long awake this nice little bakery in Knysna was still closed. We weren’t the only ones that were waiting until Île de païn opened because five minutes later the restaurant was packed. A bit later we found out why, their food is amazing!

A trip down memory lane was what our next destination would be. It was 2007 when we were in Nature’s Valley for the last time. Even though it’s a wonderful part of South Africa where the lagoon and the ocean exchange some salty and fresh water. The campsite was simply perfect. Being all alone right on the edge of the lagoon only a couple of meters away from the water. After the previous nights we were a bit hesitant the weather was perfect that day! We walked on the beach, did a little bit of running but more importantly we just enjoyed being at the wonderful coast of South Africa!

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