One more cup of coffee at our last campsite in Kruger, Berg-en-Dal. Then we really had to pack and leave our last big ‘bush’ destination in South Africa. It was (unfortunately) time to get back to a bit of civilisation. We set a couple of goals for ourselves for the week: to buy a wedding dress for Jolene, a suit for me and wedding rings for the both of us. Next to that we also decided to sell our beloved Toyota Hilix. With all the great adventures we experienced with the car this turned out to be rather difficult…


Since Jolene was well prepared she had an appointment with bridal shop in Centurion between Johannesburg and Pretoria. There happened to be a great campsite nearby. The lovely garden of Kevin and Cecile was the perfect place to stay while doing all this shopping.

From mall to mall

You’ll find the biggest and most bizarre malls in South Africa. Within 15 minutes driving from where we stayed we counted more than five malls. The next morning we headed to the Centurion Mall where Jolene immediately saw her perfect wedding ring. That afternoon she was even more successful with finding here (supposedly) amazing wedding dress. Since I couldn’t join the party I spend some time in our car. We ended that day with the best sushi we had on this trip.

Day number two in Centurion was ‘my’ day. At the biggest mall of Africa, named the Mall of Africa, it was easy to find a nice suit and a cool wedding ring. In terms of things to bring to our wedding in Zanzibar we’re all set!


All great things come to an end. It may sound a bit silly but since the car was our home as well and the fact that we’ve gone through so much amazing things with it it was hard to sell it. From now on we’ll be driving a rented cookie jar: a Toyota Avanza… Our trip is far from over however and we’ll enjoy every single minute of it!

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