Malawi, you’re such a wonderful country. Even though you’re one of the poorest countries in the world the people are the kindest we have met so far. We experienced this yet again at our next destination. We were sleeping next to a castle in Kachere.

At the castle

Kachere is a small roadside village in Central Malawi. A village-like you’ve got hundreds of them along Lake Malawi. You would easily drive through this village without noticing it if it wasn’t for the huge castle-like lodge that they build along the lake. The adjacent campsite was more than fine we decided to pitch our tent. While we were enjoying our breakfast the next day one of the employees at the castle, Lambike, told us that the local football club Breakers FC would train that afternoon.

Game on in Kachere

After eight months of not playing football it was about time to get moving again. Dressed up in my BSC’68 shirt Lambike and I walked towards the spot where we would play football. I can’t really call it a field since any grass was hard to find. What they did have here were holes so big you could get lost in them, rocks the size of a football and 22 super-fit players since they train 2,5 hours 4 times a week!

We were playing next to a school and since the school was just finished all the kids found it to be really interesting that a mzungu (white person) was playing football. The players were, just like anywhere in the world in a team, a little skeptical but liked it in the end. Due to the fact that I had a ‘real’ shirt with my name on it (thanks guys) they thought I played on a real high level in the Netherlands. Five minutes later they did know this wasn’t the case ;-). After 2,5 hours of running, jumping and avoiding the rocks we were done for today. No African tackles today but just a lovely game of football.

Football manager

I barely managed to climb out of our tent the next morning when Lambike told me that there was another training in the afternoon. They liked a couple of training exercises we did the day before so the guys asked if Lennarti (most Malawians add an extra i after my name) would come again.

With a paper full of things we could practice (I did have to go online for that) we survived the walk in the heath of the day to the field. With a couple of flip flops as cones, we started the training. Since Breakers FC only play 11 vs 11 most of the time while training they had to get used to these exercises. Then a coach joined us as well. Apparently they’ve got multiple coaches that come and go. When they were done with all the passing training we played one more match. Wonderful to play some football again!

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