After spending more than a week at FloJa we decided to leave this great initiative and moved on to Mzuzu. Keeping the lake on our left and driving the winding roads through the mountains we arrived at Mzuzu. We had an appointment with the local Toyota dealer to fix our car. This didn’t turn out the way we expected it would but in the end, our car was fixed the next day.

Stock up for the bush

Another advantage of going to a bigger city like Mzuzu is the fact that they have a huge Shoprite (supermarket). We stocked up on our supplies and drove to Vwaza Marsh Wildlife Reserve. Numerous people told us that we had to go to this game park simply to sit on the deck of the cabin and watch the wildlife pass by. After parking our car next to a cabin overlooking Lake Kazuni we followed that advice. Since there aren’t any campsites available in Vwaza Marsh Wildlife Reserve you have to make use of the cabins if you want to take a shower or use the toilet. Somehow you have to pay more if you’re only camping rather than actually sleeping in the cabins. Kind of weird but hey: this is Malawi :-).

Just sit and wait at Vwaza Marsh Wildlife Reserve

We took our seats and the show could start… What a beautiful spot. You can easily chill out in the shade on your own private deck and all kinds of animals are walking by during the day: impalas, elephants, hippos, warthogs… At night we made a huge campfire and were visited by a large herd of elephants in the moonlight. The hippos came out of the lake in search of some scarce grass. We then decided to stay another night.

Goodbye elephants!

The next morning our newly made friends, being the elephants, arrived right on time at ten o’clock. About ten meters from our deck they stopped and scratched their back on a tree while we were having a cup of coffee. Does it get any better than this? Malawi is a perfect country to just drive somewhere, fold-out your camping chair and wonder and see what will happen. When we finally decided to leave the park the elephants came to say goodbye. They did do a mock charge to our neighbours which were getting way too close to show that these majestic creatures are the ones that own this park.

Watch the video: Video of Vwaza Marsh Wildlife Reserve

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