We decided to relax a bit. FloJa Malawi has got a wonderful garden right on the lake. Hammocks, swinging chairs or a bench: they’ve got it all. At lunch we were treated to homemade bread, delicious! It’s so much fun to just sit and see what passes by on the beach. In the morning the cows are walking by to look for some grass. Then, a couple of locals are washing themselves or their clothes in the lake. Every now and then a few pigs our trying to find a bit of mud and food. This is Malawi. At night André and Paulien invited us for dinner and we heard the funniest stories of their years in Malawi.

Powerpoint course

FloJa Malawi

It was a Saturday when a teacher dropped by. Daniel used to work at FloJa, got some computer training from André and worked his way to a new school since he knew how to operate a computer. His goal for today was to get acquainted with PowerPoint. Since Lennart didn’t do much else in The Netherlands ( 😉 ) he was more than willing to give him a small ‘course’. After only a couple of hours, he managed to create a beautiful presentation on ‘how to become a good teacher’. He was so proud. It was wonderful to see that with just a little bit of time and help you can really make a difference. He’s definitely not the only one who comes to visit Paulien and André. They help out so many individuals. Great to see.

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Fishing village

On our last day at FloJa Malawi we decided to walk along the beach to a small fishing village. On our way there we saw lots of fishermen, people washing their clothes and numerous cows and pigs. Lennart launched the drone again and lots of people were checking that out. The locals are so friendly over here. They don’t want to sell you anything but there are genuinely interested in what you’re doing and why you’re visiting. These people never saw a drone in their lives so we had to take a lot of photos of them.

In the afternoon André showed us around in Nyungwe, a somewhat bigger village than Ngara. We visited some shops and the local clinic. It must be horrible to get seriously injured or ill in one of these villages if you look at the facilities they’ve got. A small room with broken beds, sometimes without a mattress, ceilings that almost fall down and people just walking by. A funnier thing to visit where the maize and rice mills. Locals buy a bag of corn or rice and then head to the mills to get them ready for cooking. I never knew that these steps were taken before we visited this place…

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We’ll be back at FloJa Malawi

We thought we would spend two or three nights but in the end, we were at FloJa for more than a week. It’s amazing to see how André and Paulien are working hard to improve the quality of education in Malawi. They don’t just want to donate some money and be done with it but they really want to make a change in the mindset of the community. The locals are responsible for improving their own education, lives and village. FloJa is just trying to help them to achieve all that. As a ‘tourist’ it’s a wonderful place to visit. We feel like we got a unique insight into living in Malawi.

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