With the pace that we traveled through the wonderful parks in Kenya it was time to ‘relax’. That’s why crossed the border into Tanzania and around the Kilimanjaro to end up in Moshi. We had been here before when my parents visited so it felt a bit like coming home. We knew where the good restaurants were, where the ATM was located and we knew where to spend the night. After three nights we were ready for our roadtrip through Tanzania. Our visa was about to expire and we were on our way to Malawi.

Let’s check out the capital of Tanzania

Most people think that Dar Es Salaam is the capital city of Tanzania. However, Dodoma is the real capital in the heart of the country. Because we had heard good stories about the newly tarred road to Dodoma we thought we would take that road back to the South. It’s way more fun to drive a new road than take the same road all over again. When leaving Moshi we were lucky enough to have one more clear view on the Kilimanjaro. At a scarce coffee stop further down the road we stumbled into the ranger of Tarangire National Park which we met a couple of months ago! The world is actually quite small.

Since Dodoma doesn’t have any campsites nor ‘Western’ hotels we decided to sleep in the African Dreams Hotel in the capital. You can’t book it using the internet, they don’t answer the phone and they won’t reply on Facebook. When we arrived it turned out that there were plenty of rooms available. We were one of the few guests on the property. A standard room was only €20,- and that included breakfast. A perfect deal, especially when we found out that we had hot water and a bed without ‘bed bugs’. The water in the sink did end up on the floor but hey this is Africa. The evening became even better when we learned that there was a proper Italian Pizzeria near our hotel!

Here we are again

Since the average speed in Tanzania is about 50 kilometers per hour we had to drive for six hours the next day. We were quite surprised that we weren’t stopped once by a corrupt police officer that day! We managed to arrive early in the afternoon in Iringa where we enjoyed lunch at Neema Crafts Restaurant. This initiative gives deaf people a chance to participate in society by providing them with a job. The proceedings of their crafts shop also go to people with disabilities. The lunch was good and the initiative even better. We then headed to the Kisolanza camping. We were here before and this campsite finally gave us the opportunity to light a fire and gaze at the stars above us.

The Utengule Coffee Lodge

Our last stop on our roadtrip through Tanzania towards the border with Malawi was the Utengule Coffee Lodge. This lodge offers camping near the helipad and owns a huge coffee farm. We were here before and the double espressos that they serve here are amazing. With a stunning view on the dry mountains around us we ended our Tanzanian adventure for now. We will come back however to get married at Zanzibar!

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