Leaving the cold Mount Kenya we drove towards Amboseli National Park with a stopover in Nairobi. Amboseli¬†is one of the ‘premium parks’ in Kenya. With all the amazing parks in Kenya this does say something. The main attractions of the park are the enormous elephants and the wonderful view of the Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa.

Wonderful views on the mountain

Since it was well in the afternoon when we were near the park we decided not to go into the park yet. We also couldn’t see the Kilimanjaro due to the abundance of clouds circling around it. Since we also stayed in Tanzania on the other side of the mountain we kind of knew how it worked. Get up early in the morning and be lucky enough to have a clear sky. After about an hour it will disappear into the clouds again. People working at the campsite however said that the view on the mountain was great from here…

Game day!

The next morning we were curious to see if they were right. Boy, they were right! We saw the huge mountain from our tent. Very special. We headed to the park itself and after doing all the paperwork we entered the park. Almost immediately hereafter a couple of zebras and elephants were posing for us with the Kilimanjaro in the background! When we even saw a lioness on that same road we took the road towards a swamp-like area. The park is relatively flat which enables you to look for miles and miles. The majority of animals can be found around one of the three swamps and around Lake Amboseli. The lake has been dry for years but due to heavy rainfall it filled up again. Other parts of the park are also flooded which results in some amazing sightings. Zebras crossing the water, wildebeests island and numerous flamingos passing you while looking for food. What else could you wish for? Our amateur birder Jolene also managed to spot bird number 100 in East Africa (there’s an app for that haha)!

Coffee with a ranger

After seeing dozens of big elephants, hippos, zebras, wildebeests and buffalos it was time for some coffee and lunch. The ranger that parked next to us immediately jelled at us if the coffee was ready yet. You can’t really deny a request like this ;). Together with our newly made friend we drank some coffee after that had lunch with a view over the park.

Along the lake (and out of the park)

We continued our journey in the direction of Lake Amboseli. Although the water level was pretty high we still managed to drive along the lake for a while. The only thing was that we were driving on salt. If that gets wet you’re in some serious trouble and it will be almost impossible to get your car out of it. The route however was beautiful but we soon learned that we were out of the park and to cross two sections we were actually not allowed to cross. You’ve got to do something for beautiful photos ;-)!

Another highlight in the afternoon was seeing a Golden Jackal! While we have seen dozens of Silver Backed Jackals it was the first time we saw this creature. It does look a bit like a small wolf. We then returned to our campsite where the Kili was hiding in the clouds again. The next morning we woke up early to see the mountain one more time. We were lucky since it was as clear as it could be. A wonderful goodbye to both Amboseli and Kenya. It was time to cross the border with Tanzania again.

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