Sliding down the road from the Masai Mara we were happy to get back to the tarred road near Narok. With some double espressos in our bellies we moved on to Nairobi. Jungle Junction, a workshop and camping was the place where we camped for a couple of days. The campsite is located in a nice neighborhood called Karen. You can do some grocery shopping without the car and there are plenty of good restaurants to be found. The next day we left the car at the campsite, did some shopping and took an Uber to a good sushi restaurant! I’m not a city girl but every now and then it’s nice to be in the city where you can eat some proper food and stock up. We even went to the nearby hair salon. After four nights we were ready for the African bush again.

Windy campsite

Our next destination was up north in Kenya. Samburu National Reserve is something completely different in terms of scenery. After we passed Mount Kenya the land became really dry. We camped near the national park in a women’s centre. The difference in climate was really noticeable. It was hot, dry and windy. Lovely! We pitched our tent on an open spot along the river. We soon learned that this wasn’t exactly the best place due to the wind. With the tent still on our car we moved it behind this small little building to hide from the wind. This building however was the restaurant where all of a sudden about a dozen people were having dinner and stayed up late. When the direction of the wind also changed you can imagine it wasn’t the best night we had in Africa. We were happy once it was 5.45 AM…

For the first time a Generuk!

A couple of kilometers down the road we arrived at the entrance gate. Samburu is one of the three nature reserves that are linked to one another. The other two are Buffelsdrift and Shaba Nature Reserve. Samburu is known for its diverse and unique animals that aren’t found easily in other parks. There’s the Somali Giraffe, a Generuk, Grevy’s Zebra, the Somali Ostrich and the Beisa Oryx. On our pretty little morning drive we saw a number of Generuks for the first time. These strange little figures with their long necks are a unique sighting. They also manage to stand on their hind legs to reach the best food in the trees.

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A cup of coffee with the elephants

After we had seen Samburu we crossed the bridge to Buffelsdrift. We had a good cup of coffee while checking out numerous elephants at the other side of the river, pretty special! Once we were back in Samburu we had lunch along the river on a public campsite. As soon as the temperature dropped a bit we were back in our car and were immediately rewarded with two lionesses and four cubs with a kill. When they were done eating they went to the river to drink some water. A nearby crocodile was being chased away by one of the lionesses. When we were on our way to the gate we were lucky enough to see some of the rare species mentioned above. Since we didn’t like the idea of going back to our windy camping spot we drove straight to Mount Kenya.

Watch the video about Samburu

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