With the spectacular river crossing of the wildebeests as a birthday gift still in our minds we woke up the next morning. The alarm went off early and we descended from the hill we camped on. The plains of the Mara Triangle are incredible and when you add a sunrise to it it’s phenomenal.

The Mara Triangle

Since we spend the better part of the previous day along the river we decided to explore the rest of the Mara Triangle today. It was a magnificent route over winding hills and swamp-like surface. The wildebeests that had been brave enough to cross the Mara River we’re enjoying the fresh green grass on this side of the river. We also encountered dozens of hyaenas which worked together and hunted down a wildebeest. Having breakfast in the middle of the park with a proper African landscape in front of you is one of the best things while on safari.

The last hours in the Mara Triangle

A park entry fee is valid for 24 hours and since we were nearly 48 hours in the park we decided to try our luck and spend some time near the river. We had about two hours left and thanks to Jolene’s patience we decided to stay put. We wrote and read some while waiting at the same spot. All of a sudden the group of wildebeests on the other side started moving towards the river and then crossed it! We were all by ourselves when they crossed. How awesome!

The lions of Masai Mara Nature Reserve

The Masai Mara is also the place to be for big cats. We learned this while driving on the main road to the other park. Three lions we’re just crossing the road. The next morning in the ‘real’ national reserve we were treated on an amazing sighting as well. About ten lions were hanging out in the grass next to our car. When we came close we saw that they were enjoying their breakfast: a wildebeest bull! The little Cubs we’re playing with each other, the youngsters were play fighting and mom was eating.

Pick a tree

The fun thing about the Masai Mara is that you’re allowed to go off-road at some places when you see big cats. The other ‘thing’ to do is spending some time under a tree for a coffee or lunch break. Since the trees in the Mara are scarce you see a real hunt for good trees during lunchtime. We found ourselves a lovely tree for a sunny side up while overlooking the plains with grazing wildebeests.

Sliding to the exit

Immediately after our lunch, we saw two mating lions. A bit down the road we saw another lion and the ranger that was standing next to it told us where we might see some cheetahs. We took this road but soon we learned that it had been raining in this section of the park. The main (!) road was made out of something that they call ‘black cotton soil’ which turns into deep mud after only a bit of rain. I then drove a bit too much to the left which caused us to slide over the road and soon we ended up on the right side stuck in the mud. Luckily we were going slow but we were that stuck that we couldn’t make it out ourselves. With the help of two Chinese and their driver we managed to get back on the road. This was a spectacular end of a visit to the greatest park we’ve been to yet!

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