After visiting the Saiwa Swamp we drove in the direction of Eldoret and camped at the Naiberi River Campsite. Even though it was a Saturday night, which normally guarantees some nice background music while sleeping, it was super quiet. After a good night’s rest we continued our journey towards Nakuru. Google Maps ‘advised’ us to take a shortcut to the main road. Usually we don’t trust this but we were fooled by the first couple of kilometers which were perfectly tarred. Fifteen kilometers later we were screwed. The road became so muddy that we were sliding over the road. This ‘interesting’ road ended after ten kilometers and we ended up on the main road.

They’ve got a supermarket!

Kenya has got that many game parks that it’s difficult to pick the ones to visit. Lake Nakuru National Park was definitely on the list and our next destination. First, we arrived at the Java House for a nice cup of coffee and a proper lunch. They even had a huge supermarket which allowed us to stock up on before going into the bush. I also managed to secretly buy some things for Lennart’s birthday. That night we slept at Punda Milias Nakuru Camp since it was close to the gate of the park.

The flooded lake without a map

It was 6 AM when we woke up and drove to the Lanet Gate. We got a gate pass at this gate to show at the park’s HQ since we couldn’t pay here. Before we arrived at the main gate we already spotted a black rhino! Incredible! At the main gate we asked for a map. It was unavailable due to the fact that the lake flooded in 2012 and caused many roads to be impassable. Lake Nakuru is that big that a large part of the park is simply underwater. Now they are waiting for what the lake is going to do before they bring out a new map (as if the water level suddenly drops after 6 years). The building from the national park is also flooded which is strange to see when passing them. There used to be thousands of flamingos in the lake but they moved to another lake. A fraction of the flamingos still visits the park though.

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Driving around Lake Nakuru

The fun thing about the park is that you can drive all the way around the lake. We did this counterclockwise and saw a lot of animals and birds. In the Southern section of the park there is a small waterfall. On our way to the falls we saw two lions mating. When we arrived at the ‘scene’ the male lion was coming up to the car and decided to spray some urine on the back of the car, how lovely! After lunch at the falls, we drove towards the North-Eastern part of the park and on the other side of the lake. This is where we saw two groups of five rhinos. Definitely a pretty sighting to end the game drive.

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