It was that time again. Another African border crossing. After an amazing period in Uganda, we drove towards Kenya. We spend the last couple of days in Uganda at a place along the Nile called The Haven. We then headed to Kampala to service our car at the Toyota dealer. Ever since we started in January we added 30.000 kilometers to the mileage of our car! With a newly serviced car, we drove in the direction of the border of the country with the most game parks in Africa: Kenya!

A seldom visited park

Our guidebook, unfortunately the Lonely Planet since they don’t have a Bradt guide about Kenya, said that it was a seldom visited park: the Saiwa Swamp National Park. Since they do have the rare Sitatunga (antelope), the Brazza Monkey and the Ross’s Turaco (bird) we decided to visit this park anyway.

Saiwa Swamp National Park

The short drive to the park led to a surprised ranger at the gate. It really felt like they don’t have any visitors at all. This park is different in the sense that it’s made for hikes. There’s a long trail going around the swamp. We tied the laces of our shoes and we were on our way. A bit later we saw the first Sitatungas grazing in the swamp! After taking a couple of photos we continued. Slowly the trail itself started to look like a swamp. Deep pools of mud were starting to become more common on the trail. Here and there we saw some remains of a boardwalk where we had to jump from one wooden plank to the other. These efforts were rewarded however: we saw both the Brazza monkey and the Ross’s Turaco.

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Did you go around the swamp?!

After being knee-deep in the mud we got onto a somewhat normal path. We met a guide who asked where we came from. When we told her the route we took she was astonished. No one would ever take that route anymore! By that time we kind of understood why the park is seldom visited…

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