One of the most unique experiences in Africa when talking about wildlife is ‘The Great Migration’. More than a million wildebeests migrate throughout the year in search of enough food, water and a place to give birth to their young ones. It’s a treacherous undertaking since lions are following them and crocodiles are patiently waiting in the rivers which the wildebeests have to cross.

Scientific research

Depending on the time of year you’ll find them either in the Serengeti in Tanzania or in the Kenyan Masai Mara park. When my parents booked their tickets to join us for a week or two in Tanzania the planning started. With the help of sites like herdtracker, books like the Bradt and maps of the Serengeti we did all we could to be at the right time at the right place. It looked a bit like a scientific research ;-).

According to our research the wildebeests had to be somewhere in the ‘Western corridor’ of the park. Since this is a width but only a small piece of the park we started hesitating while we were in the Serengeti. Weren’t we too late?

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Wow tens of thousands of wildebeests

We checked the ‘herdtracker site’ one more time to see if the wildebeests were spotted somewhere lately. The site said that they were way more up North than we thought. Therefore the expectation of seeing them was low once we got in the car that morning. After a short stop at the huge hippo pool the moment had arrived. We were about to drive into the Western corridor when a friendly ranger told us he had seen thousands of wildebeests along the road. As described before we got more and more excited the closer we got…

Literally thousands, maybe tens of thousands of wildebeests passed by the two hours we spend with them. Unbelievable to see experience this from up close. Through the (dry) river, over the plains and then rest a bit under one of the few trees in the area. What a spectacular sight! Of course, it’s way more impressive in real life but nevertheless we made a small video of the Serengeti and The Great Migration!

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