The alleys of Stone Town were great but what makes Zanzibar even more beautiful are the white sandy beaches. We had picked a small boutique hotel: Zanzibar House in Matemwe on the Eastern side of the island. We took a taxi from Stone Town to get here. At the coast you’ll see way more hotels and resorts. As soon as you leave the coast you go through similar villages like the ones we have seen in the rest of Africa. A few stalls to buy your groceries surrounded by little huts. We saw the same in Mauritius a couple of years ago.

Palm trees, beach and ocean

The taxi went full speed so we arrived at our destination within 50 minutes. The boutique hotel is actually a huge beach house with a colonial touch. The Italian owners decorated the seven rooms and the garden in a beautiful way. It truly was a paradise. Moreover the location was perfect. When you go down the stairs of the garden you step onto the white beach with palm trees at either side. What an amazing sight when you just arrive.

A special place

This became even more special for us since I asked Jolene to marry me. Our table in a small gazebo on the beach was perfect. And yes, she said ‘Yes’ 😉!

A typical day

The rest of the days we ate, drank and relaxed at the beach and near the swimming pool. After a great breakfast we headed to our spot near the ocean. We then went for a lovely Italian lunch after which we relaxed even more on a lounge chair in the sun. We ended the day with a cocktail in the waves at high tide. If we wanted to cool down a bit we jumped into the swimming pool or ocean. We then prepared ourselves for dinner, and what kind of dinner. A lovely four course Italian meal was served everyday. What a life!


While I can go on and on about the beauty of Zanzibar it’s better to just show it with some photos… We’ll be back (yet again)!

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