With enough caffeine in our blood from the lovely coffee at the Utengule Coffee Lodge we continued our journey through Tanzania. Our destination was Dar Es Salaam so that we could jump on the ferry to Zanzibar. Since there are so many great parks along the way we couldn’t simply pass them by. After a stopover at The Old Farmhouse we were on our way towards the Udzungwa National Park.

They sell real cheese!

Before we arrived there we learned that there was a farm stall along the way. Since normal supermarkets are scarce in Tanzania, so far we didn’t see one, we were in for some nice fresh food. Without any expectation at all we arrived at this little shop. What a pleasant surprise this was. All kinds of freshly harvested vegetables, good meat, fish etc. We then found out that they also sell real cheese! After more than five months we finally had found some amazing cheese. The things that make you happy when traveling for a longer period of time…

Hondo Hondo Forest Camp

Our place to stay for the night was Hondo Hondo Forest Camp. Adjacent to the Udzungwa National Park this camp was perfectly situated for a nice walk through the park. Next to that they had also made a small hike over their property. This is where we saw the endangered Red Colobus primate. This species is close to extinction and this is one of their last habitats. When we were enjoying the sunset at the bar a bit later we were also lucky enough to see the Angola Colobus primates which are quite uncommon as well.

To the top of Sanje falls

It was still quite dark when we had breakfast, packed our tent and then drove to the headquarters of the Udzungwa National Park. This is where we met Charles, our guide who only finished his education three months ago but clearly found his passion. One hundred US Dollar lighter but with a permit in our hands we drove towards the starting point of the Sanje Falls hike.

The goal for today was to reach the top (and base) of the highest waterfall in Tanzania. With its 180 meters that’s quite a tough mission. We noticed this when Charles was setting the pace after about ten minutes. Once at the top the view was spectacular and confronting at the same time. You could clearly see the edge of the rainforest, and thus the Udzungwa National Park. Locals have burned and chopped everything to make way for their cattle and their farming needs.

After we had seen the top Charles insisted on showing us the base as well. All the way at the bottom it became clear how high the waterfalls actually were. Yet again an experience that we wouldn’t have wanted to miss. It was there that we got to see the Red Colobus again. Better enjoy while they are still on this planet is what I thought…

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