We left Kafue National Park through the Nalusanga gate. Because we had quite some kilometers to go we decided to have a small coffee break next to the road. About five minutes later a car stopped and the guy in it, Arthur, was someone with a lot of tips and tricks in Malawi, Zambia and Tanzania. He was also well connected and called the owner of the camp we wanted to visit in South Luangwa. He then asked if the roads to the north were open and we were good to go. It’s so funny to see how small the world actually is and that almost everyone wants to help you out.

Lusaka’s hustle and bustle

We did have to go through Lusaka first. A couple of hours later we arrived in the capital of Zambia. Although you’re kind of going around the city it sure feels like you’re going through its center. There are cars everywhere and everyone is trying to skip the queue. In the meantime there are people walking and biking everywhere. Eventually we managed to make it to the shopping center to buy some groceries and have a quick lunch. We also wanted to get our hair cut but in the end we ran out of time since you want to be at your destination before it’s dark. That night we slept on a campsite just outside of Lusaka.

Sleeping in between the locals in Katete

Just like everyday we woke up early and drove to Katete. Before we got to Zambia we read a book about Wieke, a Dutch woman who lived in Katete a number of years. Her husband was working in the local hospital and she managed to build 70 boreholes with the help of her followers on social media. It such a fun book to read and really recognizable when traveling through Africa. Since we were driving through Katete anyway we simple had to stop. This is how we ended up at the Tiko community center. This place is owned by a German lady together with the locals from the village. You can eat, sleep and buy local products here and all the proceedings go to the local community.

We decided to camp here which means you can pitch your tent in the village. Some kids were playing but all they learned in English was “How are you?” so these were short conversations. From the moment Lennart got his football out of the car they played with it until it was getting dark. A bit later we pitched our tent which was also quite spectacular for them. One by one they climbed the ladder of our tent, some up to five times, to take a look inside.

When we woke up the next morning 15 kids were asking for the football again. We simply had to leave the ball behind. What a special experience to spend some time here.

Wildlife Camp

Our destination that day was South Luangwa National Park with a short stop in Chipata. This is were we bought some things they didn’t have in Lusaka after which we drove towards our campsite Wildlife Camp. When we got here we could pick any spot along the river. It’s yet again a beautiful place. The hippos and crocodiles can be seen chilling in the river. At sunset two giraffes and three elephants walked passed our spot.

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