One night at an airstrip in the bush was enough. After driving 11 hours the day before and ending the day with a dinner with game scout Steven we slept great that night. We said goodbye to Steven the next morning but not before we took one photo with him. After that we were on our way to our first Kafue National Park campsite, Hippo Bay.

The plans change again

It took us fifteen minutes to get to the wonderful Itezhi Tezhi lake in Kafue National Park. We were astonished by how gorgeous it was. Since it only stopped raining a couple of weeks ago in Zambia the lake was more than full. We followed the beautiful lake view drive to get to our Kafue National Park campsite. While driving we met one other car which happened to be the Italian owner of the campsite. He said that termites were eating away a part of the ablution block so they were busy fixing that. In the meantime we could camp at his lodge.

The luxurious Kafue National Park Campsite

The Konkamoya Lodge is a five star Lodge where you normally pay 400 US Dollar per person per night. We could camp next to the Lapa. A lapa is a central shaded spot where you can relax. It’s kind of having a large open living room with a roof. Since there were no other guests we had the whole place including the lapa and the lovely viewpoint with a bar to ourselves! This definitely was one of the prettiest places we camped. The lovely view on the lake and all the animals in and around the lake made it such a great spot to do nothing and just enjoy the sun rising and setting again.

I wish we would have done just that. Unfortunately, we thought it was a good idea to visit a local elephant orphanage that morning. After driving for 5 kilometers we stopped trying. By that time we had gone through enormously deep potholes, soft sand, scratched our car on overhanging branches and drove through grass as high as two meters (since the normal road was blocked by a fallen tree).

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We have to go

Two nights at Konkamoya made it hard to leave but on the other hand, new adventures were waiting for us. Kasabushi campsite in the center part of Kafue National Park was our next destination. This Kafue National Park campsite was really great as well being situated close to a river. It was also more accessible than the Southern part which was a bonus and we even met some other tourists after being ‘alone’ in Kafue for four nights.

Wild dogs in Kafue National Park

When there is not much wildlife to be seen in a park there are usually three reasons for that. The first is that a park is huge and the amount of roads going through the park is limited. The second reason is that the bushes are so thick it’s hard to see more than a couple of meters next to the road and the last one is that there is still a lot of illegal hunting going on so there aren’t that many animals left (and they are scared of cars). These points are all applicable to Kafue. Although this is sad (regarding the hunting) the travel guides manage to put this in the following positive sentence: Even though you don’t see that much game here, if you do you are rewarded with a spectacular sighting and can enjoy it on your own.

We laughed about this sentence a lot when reading them throughout our journey through different parks. This time however the guides were right! The day we left Kafue we got up early for one last morning drive in the park. A couple of kilometers from camp we saw something walking on the road. It turned out to be a pack of nine wild dogs!! One of the dogs had a broken leg so they were moving quite slow. After a couple of kilometers walking down the road and a failed hunt on an antelope they decided to sleep on the road. We could spend about 2.5 hours with them before we really had to be on our way to Lusaka. If this was not the case we could have stayed there for hours without seeing anyone and just enjoy these wonderful creatures. Kafue National Park is such a great park to visit!

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