After our bush adventures we returned to Maun to stock up on groceries and fix our flat tire. That went so much easier than we thought. We drove to a local SupaQuick and within 3 minutes the tire lay next to the car and in a bucket full of water to see if there were any punctures. The tire itself was fine but their was a leak between the rim and the tire, probably because of a pothole. This sounded reasonable since we had drove past more than 1.000 of them. After a couple minutes the tire was of the rim, the rim was fixed and put back on our car. All this for €2,50. Try this in the Netherlands ;).

Online shop Go Wander The World

Our next destination was Nata. On our way we saw that parts of the land were flooded. At some section the road had been flooded as well so there was no more tar, just gravel. We slept in the Nata Lodge and were almost the only ones who camped there. We relaxed a bit at the pool and launched our online shop. While travelling we meet beautiful people, animals, see patterns and read quotes. So we had to do something with that and make some designs. That’s why we have an online shop now with shirts, hoodies and accessoires.


Chobe RiverAfter two nights we drove to Kasane. The city is situated in the North Eastern part of Botswana. This is where Botswana shares its border with Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe. We checked in at Thebe River Safaris, where we could stay for one night. We also booked a boat cruise with them on the Chobe River. When we did a quick round over the campsite we were surprised that half of the campsite was flooded including the swimming pool. Although it’s normal for this region the waterlevel was extremely high this year.

Boat cruise on the Chobe River

Just before 3PM we were waiting at the reception to go on our boat cruise. We were dropped off a bit further down the road and got on the boat. The Chobe River runs through the Chobe National Park which therefore allows you to watch the park from the water. It was a great experience since we saw elephants swimming in the water right next to us. They were swimming to an island to eat the fresh grass. We then saw a herd of elephants coming down to drink.

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Lunch at the Old House

The next day I went to the reception to ask if we could stay another night (you never know maybe someone cancelled their stay) and to my surprise it was not a problem. We could even stay at the same site. Because we were in a ‘city’ anyway we thought we would enjoy its restaurants. We had lunch at the Old House with a view on the Chobe River.

“The road is OK”

After our lunch we went to Chobe National Park. We asked the lady at the reception how the roads were in the park and she answered with a legendary “It’s OK”. That gave us a bit of confidence. According to her we just needed to follow the game rangers that enter the park with a bunch of tourists. After only 20 minutes in the park we saw a leopard that just failed to kill an impala. After spending 6 nights in the bush and not seeing a leopard we now saw it in the middle of the day after a couple of minutes in the park. I guess that’s nature. After a beautiful drive we returned to our Chobe campsite just before sunset.

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The 20.000km service

The actual reason behind our visit to Kasane was that our car needed another service after driving it for 20.000 kilometer. We had an appointment with Bushlore, the company where we bought are car from. We were dropped of in Kasane while the leaf springs, filters and oil were replaced. Now we are good to go for the Central part of Africa. At the end of the afternoon we were picked up and celebrated our last day in Botswana.

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