The longer you camp on a magnificent spot, the harder it is to leave. After four nights at the Mobola Island Lodge we decided to move on. We didn’t leave the Okavango river though as our next destination was about 40 kilometer downstream at the Nunda River Lodge.

Shopping in Divundu

After four nights at one place we needed to restock our food boxes. That’s why we stopped in the only village in the area being Divundu. Once we were inside the ‘supermarket’ we noticed that the shelves were pretty empty. The owner rushed towards us saying that the food truck was delayed for a couple of days and was about to arrive in the afternoon. We decided to buy what was left and headed to our camping.

Campsite at Nunda River Lodge

While Mobola was a bit smaller and tranquil Nunda was bigger and seemed to be aiming for (African) families and groups. This meant that there was a lovely swimming pool, a big deck overlooking the river and a small restaurant. Our campsite was even closer to the water than the night before. We literally pitched our tent two meters from the water! The hippos passed our tent at about five meters that evening. The next day a ‘water monitor’ visited us. How cool is that!

Campsite at Ngepi Camp

The very very very last campsite of Namibia was Ngepi Camp. It wasn’t a big trip to get there, after about five kilometers we could pitch our tent again. Ngepi is also situated along the Okavango river, they even made a swimming pool in the river, and is characterized by a hipster/backpacker vibe. We stayed at Ngepi before when we were on holiday in 2016 and nothing had changed. The toilet build on a ‘thrown’ with a view on the river, a bath build in a tree house with that same wonderful view and a great chef in the restaurant.

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Elephants and hippos from the river

Okavango riverIn the afternoon we went on a boat trip over the Okavango River. There’s a game park opposite to Ngepi and therefore there’s a chance you’ll see lots of game when on a boat cruise. Yet again we were lucky when we saw about twenty elephants eating on the riverbank. A couple of minutes later the boat was charged by a huge hippo trying to hit the boat from underneath! Luckily he just missed us as he showed up two meters behind us with one tooth out of his mouth.

With a Tafel (beer) and a Savannah Dry (cider) in our hands we experienced another wonderful sunset in Namibia, this time on the river. Namibia was a great country to visit. We’ll be back (again)!

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