We left Etosha National Park through the eastern gate and slept at a nearby camping. When we checked in we saw that the majority of the other tourists were about to go to Tsumeb the next day. Curious as we are we did some research in our travel book and found out that this was a rich old mining village. That evening we decided that the next destination for us would be Tsumeb as well. With the iOverlander app we found a great place to stay.

How luxurious, a rain shower!

The next day we arrived in Tsumeb at the Kupferquelle Resort early in the morning. After camping for a while at bush campsites this was a such a luxurious place. Big shady sites (with grass!), a bathroom with a rain shower, a shop where you can buy some bread and coffee, a big swimming pool and wifi everywhere. Lieve and Dirk from Belgium were standing next to us. They started travelling after they retired. Their first idea was to travel for seven months from North to South America but that was ten years ago. Now they still travel the world a couple of months per year. They have seen a lot of the world and have some great stories to tell. You can follow them on worldtravellers.be. The photo was taken by Lieve.

So much water…

After four nights at Kupferquelle we travelled further towards the Caprivi. We took the B8 which is a long (boring) road to the north. We noticed that the more north we drove the more poverty we saw. There are huts next to the road and cows, goats and donkeys on the road. We passed Rundu, a village at the border with Angola. We wanted to lunch and found a lodge with a beautiful view. Rundu is a sandy village with a couple of stores and only one ‘good’ road. When we arrived at the lodge the guard had to think whether we could eat here but then we were allowed to go inside. He guided us to a large terrace where the local youngsters were also sitting. After weeks of traveling through the desert our eyes needed to adapt, so much water!

Paradise along the Okavango

Then we drove further to a paradise campsite called Mobola Island lodge. When we checked in a German couple arrived and asked if they could stay at campsite number four or three. Because we were there a bit earlier we were allowed to choose where we wanted to pitch our rooftop tent. We chose campsite number four and did not regret it. Number four is located directly on the Okavango River on the border with Angola. Each place has its own kitchen and shower. There is also a bar on the small island in the Okavango river. For this you need to cross a long hanging bridge over a fast flowing river that can only be used by one person at a time. After passing the bridge you cross the island to the other side where there is a bar that opens just before sunset. There are signs everywhere that you need to watch out for hippos, crocodiles and snakes but are then rewarded with an ice cold red wine at sunset. I didn’t lie… true paradise at Mobola Island Lodge!

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