After Lennart’s doctor visit we drove further in the direction of Uis. This is where we bought some water and wood. Two things that are very important in the desert:) Since it was almost lunch time we had a lovely lunch at Cactus and Coffee. After that we continued our trip to the White Lady Lodge.

White Lady Lodge

After another bumpy road we arrived at the White Lady Lodge. We jumped right in the pool to cool down. The good thing of the White Lady Lodge is that you’ve got beautiful bush campsites and that you have all the comforts of the lodge with two swimming pools and a restaurant. The showers are also quite extraordinary because they don’t have a roof so you could see the stars. There are lions and elephants in the area so you have to be careful at night. We sadly didn’t see anything. The lions are being tracked now because they killed 172 sheeps. For more information click here.

Shopping in Damaraland

The next destination in Damaraland was Twyfelfontein. We took the dirt road to Khorixas. On our way we came across a little shop that was indicated on the Tracks4Africa map. Hidden away behind some bars there was a lady with a single fridge with two bottles of Coca Cola in it. There was nothing else. We kind of felt we had to buy something so we bought a bottle. It was 20 Namibian Dollar but when she saw our wallet it suddenly became 30 Namibian Dollar. But I guess I would do the same if I was in her shoes.

In Khorixas we yet again tried to do some grocery shopping. This time it was a ‘big’ supermarket. It seemed like the groceries were for free that’s how busy it was. At least we could get some groceries this time :). Unfortunately people immediately came to us for money. After this experience we drove to the Aabadi Mountain Campsite. We found a spot near a big tree with some shade. The campsite is near the (now dry) river so you have a chance of elephants in your camp.

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Rock engravings


The next day we visited the UNESCO Heritage Site of rock engravings. We were accompanied by a guide who showed us a number of rock engravings of animals and a map with waterholes. We also asked about the desert elephants in the area but nobody really wanted to say where they had been spotted. They did want to come with us as a guide for a rather large amount of money.

Organ pipes


Another attraction in Damaraland are the organ pipes. They have been created 150 million years ago as the result of the intrusion of liquid lava into a slate rock formation. The organ pipes are now visible due to erosion. We needed to pay an entrance fee and followed a sign. To our surprise it consisted of a few rocks that you we had seen within 5 minutes. That was not quite worth the entrance fee…

In search of the desert elephants

The next day we went in search of the elephants by ourselves. We had an idea were they could be. Behind the Twyfelfontein Lodge you have an area where there are a number of rivers and dams. Here you can explore the area on your own with a 4×4. It was a beautiful road and area but we didn’t see the desert elephants…

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