After we dropped Lennart’s parents at the Airport we drove to the campsite in Windhoek. Here we stayed for four nights to rest a bit and to plan our trip for the upcoming weeks. In Botswana you’ll have to book your campsite in advanced or they won’t let you in. Luckily we still have a couple of weeks in Namibia. While we have seen a lot of the country in the past few weeks there are places we haven’t visited yet, like Spitzkoppe. Since I have seen a picture of Spitzkoppe in the ‘Getaway’ magazine I wanted to visit that place. Spitzkoppe are huge granite rocks that stand out in the middle of the desert. There are also rock paintings that you can visit.

Spitzkoppe Campsite 10

The best way to experience Spitzkoppe is by camping. There are different campsites which you can choose near the rocks. The individual campsites are situated far from each other so you have the feeling that it’s just you and the rocks. We arrived around two o’clock and chose campsite 10 on the other side of the mountain. We needed to get used to to the heat again so we parked our chairs in the shade of a rock.

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Dinner under the stars

We climbed a rock to watch the sunset with a glass of wine in our hands. Back at the campsite we made a fire and ate a lovely meal under the stars. Because the sky was so clear we could see the Milky Way. What a wonderful place!!!

Is there a doctor in town?

Lennart didn’t feel well the next day and had symptoms that looked like malaria. We didn’t want to take any risk at all and wanted to see a doctor. The reception told us there was a clinic in the village. With a guide we drove to the clinic and there was this sweet old lady that helped Lennart. She was quite talkative and did some tests. Luckily Lennart didn’t have malaria and got some pills that he needed to take. There were four big pots behind her that could cure all your problems :).

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