The last destination we visited together with my parents was Etosha National Park. This is the game park of Namibia and therefore a must visit on our holiday within a holiday. Just like every other day my parents were here we didn’t need our rooftop tent since we were staying in the luxurious Emanya@Etosha lodge.

Did anyone say ‘Mud!’???

Etosha National ParkEtosha National Park has got four gates. We entered the park through the most southern one, the Anderson gate. From this gate it was about 130 kilometer to the western gate where our lodge was located. This gave us an excellent opportunity to enjoy the scenery and the magnificent animals living here.

The highlight and the most central point of the park is the Etosha Pan. This huge salt pan is only occasionally flooded due to the rain and the nearby rivers. When we were there it was dry as well. It isn’t a bad thing though since you have the opportunity to shoot some awesome photos when animals decide to cross the pan while the sun is at its hottest. Just after we entered the park we were lucky with seeing lions, huge groups of springbok, wildebeest and oryx.

All the roads in Etosha National Park are dirt roads made out of sand and gravel. We were there just after the rainy season had past and therefore there were quite some mud pools on the roads. We joked a bit about the fact that a car cannot be this clean when in Namibia. Just after this comment I drove a bit too fast through a bit too deep pool of mud. What I didn’t realize was that both the windows of my dad and Jolene were still open. This caused the mud to not only be on the roof of our car but also on the passengers and the interior. Oops!

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Safari in style

Etosha National ParkWhile being a bit muddy we stepped out of our car at the lodge. Emanya@Etosha is situated about 20 kilometer west of the Etosha gate. The lodge has a wonderful main building, just like the houses. For dinner a five course meal was served.

Since the animals our most active early in the morning we had breakfast at 6.30AM the next morning. It was just a bit later when we were in Etosha National Park again. Yet again we were lucky. After about half an hour we saw a lion walking on the edge of the Etosha pan! A great start of this morning. When we went for one more drive we saw something sticking out of the grass in the distance. With the binoculars and the zoom lenses we found out that it was a cheetah! A bit later she started to move her cubs to another spot. While it was way too far to get a decent photo we sure did enjoy this sighting!

In the afternoon we chilled a bit and decided to remove the mud from our car. When we were finished a proper African thunderstorm cleaned the last reaming parts of mud from our car.

Being lucky. Again.

Etosha National ParkThe last morning in a Etosha we took the same way back. After all these springbok, oryx, giraffes, wildebeests, zebras, lions and a cheetah we thought it wouldn’t get better than this. But it did… A hyena was crossing the road and making her way to something on the Etosha pan. It turned out that that something was a cheetah! The hyena approached the cheetah but she didn’t like this and attacked the hyena. Then the hyena backed off and quickly moved on. How bizarre!

After experiencing this amazing sighting it was time to head south again. The next day my parents flew back from Windhoek to Amsterdam. These two weeks were amazing!

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