The big advantage of having your parents visit you is that they can help describe all the things we experience in Africa. Our first guest blog by my dad :)!

On our way to Fish River Canyon

When we left Windhoek we drove to the idyllic town of Mariental. After having a great dinner out on the terrace of the “Koöperasie” restaurant we went back to the AUB guesthouse. The next morning we were welcomed for breakfast by the owner of the AUB Guesthouse. And it was quite a welcome. A full English breakfast was served. With our bellies full of eggs and beans we drove to our first highlight of Namibia: the Fish River Canyon, the largest canyon in Africa and the second-largest in the world. The nearly 400 kilometers with breathtaking scenery and just a couple of cars were well worth it!

Sunset & dining under the stars

It was in the afternoon when we arrived at our first piece of paradise: Gondwana Canyon Village. Lovely little cottages that were built around a square with cactuses and an amazing view on the desert and the mountains.

Completely refreshed after a dip in the pool we headed to Fish River Canyon, about 10 kilometers from our hotel. Everything that we heard and read about the canyon, with a length of 160 kilometers, a width of 27 kilometers and 450 to 550 deep at specific places, was nothing compared to what it was in real life. Add to that a magnificent sunset with some beer and wine and it turns into an unforgettable experience!

Fish River Canyon

Back at the hotel we enjoyed a perfect meal served our host Alexander. We wrapped up the day out on the terrace with the stars above our heads.

Fish River Canyon

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What goes down must come up

If you’ve seen the sunset you do want to make sure that it rises as well. Therefore we visited the canyon one more time the next morning. While you don’t really think about sunset or sunrise back in The Netherlands (if you can actually see the sun) it’s completely different in Namibia. Slowly but surely the sun rose above the mountains in Namibia and lit up the Fish River Canyon. The homemade coffee from the ‘rolling kitchen’ made it a perfect day even before breakfast.

Hike through the valley

After breakfast it was time for a bit of fitness. A hike of about two hours (phew ??), a swim and a guided tour by our guide Herman ended with yet another magnificent sunset. We ended the day with a lovely dinner and a great Etosha wine. The first part of our trip was great, we were ready for our next destination: the Namtib Biosphere Reserve.

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