Our last (!) stop in South Africa, at least for now, was the Augrabies Falls National Park. After spending our nights on the beach of Namaqua National Park we kind of looked forward to a proper shower. With a sandy but empty car, after burning up six bags of wood, we headed North.

Augrabies FallsA proper camping life feeling

Since we arrived in the middle of the long Easter weekend the camping was almost fully booked. Whole families come together in the park for a proper break amongst others. After we pitched our tent on of the last campsites we chilled a bit in the sun as it was about thirty degrees Celsius.

The water fall(s)

The Orange River crosses the National Park. A couple of meters from the camping you’ll find the main attraction of the park. The exact point where the Orange River drops down several meters: the Augrabies Falls. When we were there it was more like a fall (singular). Depending on the season and the rainfall during that time of year the waterfall can expand severely over the rocks around the river.

Augrabies FallsEaster breakfast

After admiring the beautiful fall we went back to our camping spot. It was Easter next morning and that means one thing: a lovely breakfast. With our canopy full of avocados (bought a bit too much at Food Lovers Market) and an egg we managed to make a camping style Eggs Benedict with avocado on toast. We spend the rest of the day in the sun, near the pool with the sound of the falls in the background.

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