We ended up staying in Sea View for about two weeks and experienced the most wonderful things. Since we did see that much and we already covered the Raggy Charters and Schotia Safaris trips there are just two remaining things to write about. Food and relaxing in and around Sea View. Let’s start with the most important one: Food!

Food: Port Elizabeth as a food lovers paradise?

Sea ViewDuring our trip we noticed that South Africa is developing quite fast in terms of food. The wine estates and fancy restaurants around Cape Town were always there of course. In addition to that we noticed a lot of hipster coffeeshops, ‘artesan’ bakeries, farmstals 2.0 with fresh juices and homegrown food etc. The grass roof just outside of Port Elizabeth on the road towards Sea View can be placed in the latter category. They both have a cozy restaurant and a farmstal where you can get all sorts of fresh products.

Something completely different is Fushin on Stanley Road in Port Elizabeth. Stanley Road was a street you would avoid ten years ago because of the shabby neighbourhood. Now you’ll find one of the best restaurants of Port Elizabeth in this street. It’s Asian fusion (hipster alert) kitchen was very much to our liking. The not so traditional sushi plates were amazing. You should definitely pay them a visit when you’re in PE.

Sea ViewIf you just want to get a proper and thick pizza San Fernando’s on Kragga Kamma road is the place to go. This pizzeria is owned by the owners of St. Elmo’s in Walmer Park where we used to go to. They moved to this new place and the garlic chita and margherita are still going strong!

For a lovely view and some Dutch bitterbalen (really) you have to go to Barney’s Tavern on the beachfront of Port Elizabeth. A small beer and some bitterballen but then with 27 degrees Celsius in March, it could be worse…

Relax: Sea View(s) & Beaches

After all that food you also need to relax a bit. Near Sea View two enormous beaches and dune fields can be found: Sardinia Bay and Maitlands. While we used to go Maitlands we found Sardinia Bay to be prettier than Maitlands this time. If you park your car at Sardinia Bay and climb up the dunes next to the parking lot you’re rewarded with a magnificent view on the broad beaches of what the locals call ‘Sards’. Since it’s a kind of L-shaped beach there’s always a spot to pick where it’s not that windy. My recently purchased football was of great use here. I was finally able to kick the ball a bit further with this huge beach.

Maitlands is still great but the view is a bit ruined by the huge pipeline that runs through the dunes. It was a unique experience however that we had the whole beach to ourselves when we were running from Maitlands to Blue Horizon Bay one morning. We were pretty exhausted but once at the house in Sea View we could relax.

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Sea View

Talking about Lloyd’s house: this is unbelievable. Right next to the Indian Ocean it really is an amazing spot. The lower floor has been totally redesigned since we were here and they managed to make two luxurious apartments. We spend a lot of hours just sitting on the deck watching the numerous whales passing by. By now they also have five dogs where Trotsky was one of them. We saw him as a puppy and went on a lot of walks with him. The sad coincidence was that this lovely German Shepherd was that old that his hips didn’t function anymore and he had to be put down while we were in Sea View. So sad.

Better memories were the braais we did on the deck during sunset and the big ‘goodbye braai’ when we left with the whole crew (which grew quite a bit) of Raggy Charters. While we were in Sea View we were able to help Lloyd out with getting this personal video project up and running and get the new website started. It was such a great thing to be ‘home’ in Sea View for two weeks. We’ll be back…

Sea View

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