After about fifty (jubileum!) days on the road we arrived in ‘our’ Sea View. This is the place where we did an internship for 3 and 6 months about 10 years ago. It’s also in the vicinity of where both Raggy Charters and Schotia Safaris operate. They are a real Port Elizabeth safari treat! Since we where sleeping at Lloyd’s place (the owner of Raggy Charters and the company where we did the internship) we were fortunate enough to join a number of trips out on the Algoa Bay in Port Elizabeth.

An amazing Port Elizabeth safari is with Raggy Charters

The first day in Sea View orca’s (killer whales) were spotted by a local fisherman. We grabbed are bags and made our way to the harbour. While we were out on sea we spent a couple of hours trying to find them. Unfortunately we weren’t able to locate them but we did see a massive school of dolphins. There must have been about 2.000 to 3.000 of them. Incredible!

On other trips with Lloyd and his son Jamie we went to St. Croix, the island where a large colony of African Penguins live. On these trips we were lucky as well. We spotted hundreds and thousands of common and bottlenose dolphins, beautiful African Penguins on St. Croix and Bryde’s whales. The trip to Bird Island was also very special. Jolene wrote an article¬†about this trip.

Schotia Safaris

One of Raggy Charters’ trips Peter Bean, the owner of Schotia Safaris, joined. Schotia Safaris is a private game park next to Addo Elephant National Park. We had been in Schotia before but that was a long time ago. Peter added elephants, buffalos and Sable antelopes amongst others to the game park. During a lovely lunch with way a bunch of fish platters he invited us for a game drive experience including a night in Schotia, how wonderful!

The following afternoon we drove of to Schotia Safaris. We were welcomed by Peter and his wife Jenni and shortly thereafter we were on our first game drive of the day. The park is divided into two separate areas. In one area lions can be found, the other area is home to elephants, buffalos and some smaller game. During our first drive we managed to spot elephants, buffalos and sable antelopes. Another highlight of a Schotia experience are the roosterkoeken they make. These small braai breads are served along with some tea and coffee at the saloon of the game park. Since Peter is the 6th generation living on the property there’s a lot of history which can be seen on the family photos in the saloon.

After our tea break and the oh so wonderful roosterkoeken we drove into the second area. We then got eye to horn with a white rhino. The rhino approached our open vehicle and stopped when it was one meter from the car. It’s such a privilege to see a majestic animal like a rhino from such a short distance. After this experience we rushed into the next one. The lions had just caught the last black wildebeest on the reserve. When we arrived this big old male lion (17 years old!) was chewing away happily on the remains of this poor wildebeest.

After a wonderful diner by the campfire and the fantastic night near the saloon we were treated with a morning drive and a great breakfast. What a great Port Elizabeth safari!

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