With the magnificent views of the Valley of Desolation still in the back of our heads we headed South. Addo Elephant National Park in the Eastern Cape of South Africa was our next destination. Since it’s close to Port Elizabeth we’ve visited this park dozens of times when we were living in Sea View 10 years ago.

It’s weekend in Addo

Since we don’t tend to plan that much while on our trip we arrive at the most random days of the week in certain places. We where reminded of that when it turned out to be a Saturday in Addo. Next to it being weekend a trail run was being held inside the park. This meant that there where about as much people as elephants in the park. The stunning landscapes and the feeling that we were kind of ‘home’ being this close to Sea View made everything more than fine.

AddoRegarding the stunning landscapes we can always tell whether a photo has been taken in Addo. Later we learned that this is due to the special vegetation in the park. Apparently Addo is one of the few places where you’ll find ‘subtropical thicket vegetation’. Since we still knew the roads by heart we smoothly drove through the park.

Zebra in the afternoon

Near Carol’s Rest, a well known water hole in Addo, we saw a (living) zebra on the ground. While it was late in the afternoon it’s not natural behaviour to lie on the ground like that. Danger is just around the corner with a bunch of lions walking around in the park. Our ‘to be ranger’, Jolene, mentioned that the zebra wouldn’t survive the night…

Since accommodation in Addo was fully booked we had to spend the night on a camping outside the park. We left the zebra a bit earlier and then passed the Addo gate again. Our camping turned out to have ‘Delftsblauwe’ (Dutch city called Delft, famous for their blue painted china) shower curtains with tulips on it. How Dutch can it get? It happened to be the highlight of the camping though.

Breakfast in the morning

After a good night’s rest we were driving to Addo again. Once through the gate we managed to be patient for about ten minutes after which we decided to head straight to the spot where we saw the zebra yesterday. When we arrived the zebra was still there. The only difference was that there were three lions on top of her eating all her intestines. It was a filthy, spectacular and pretty sight to see. After about three hours we drove on and after spotting more than 100 elephants it was time to head to Sea View!

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