After 17 days of enjoying the most diverse things in Kruger it was time to go. After we saw the campings in the south, wild dogs, Tsendze and the Big five we went to Punda Maria in Kruger for the last two nights. Right next to the campsite a water hole has been made. Because the surrounding area is that dry a lot of animals use this hole as their prime drinking spot. This means that dozens of elephant and other game visited ‘our campsite’. It was so great to sit back and see what kind of animals would show up.

From Punda Maria to Zvakanaka Campsite

When we jumped into our car to head west towards Zvakanaka Campsite the weather decided to clean our car. In other words: it was soaking wet and we were happy to be in the car. We did have to do some shopping and decided Thohohoyandou (nice word for Scrabble) would be the perfect place. To be more precise in the newly opened Thavhani Mall since it was supposed to have everything that we needed (predominantly food 😉 ). However we didn’t realise that it was a Saturday and that the rest of Thohoyandou also decided to visit the mall. We then decided to go to Spurs for a quick lunch, a kind of steakhouse with a Western theme. After about five minutes all the waiters started dancing, pretty weird.

An oasis called Zvakanaka

Jolene found Zvakanaka Cottages & Camping through the Getaway, a South African travel magazine. After a short phone call we got the instructions how to get in by e-mail. The code turned out to be working and once we drove through the gate we were amazed by the beauty of the place. There were all kinds of small signs to guide you to a pretty spot in the middle of the ‘forest’. We decided to go for ‘Sam’s place’, a spot overlooking the Soutpansbergen. This beautiful spot had an oven, fresh water from the well & electricity (kind of nice with all the stuff we’re carrying).

Gail & Alistair: the owners of Zvakanaka

While we were busy unpacking we met Alistair, one of the owners of Zvakanaka. He immediately gave us such amazing tips for the greater part of Southern Africa. After I had written down all his tips we decided to light a fire although there was a bit of foggy rain. It was also the first day that I had to chop some wood to keep the fire going. Kind of macho but I liked it.

The next day we planned a bit for our trip to Namibia. The internet was great at Zvakanaka so that made it easy to plan ahead. When we returned the cups for the coffee we were invited for a glass of wine. This went from one to five and then we were invited for diner. A couple of close friends who just crossed the border of Zimbabwe also joined and then there were eight of us enjoying the great food. It was such a lovely day and Gail & Alistair were so hospitable.

The first drone flight on the southern hemisphere

It was the same afternoon when we talked about our trip and ways to earn money or to last it out a bit longer. We then started talking about my drone and I did a little demo flying over their property. Not only do they have four campsites but they’ve got two of the most amazing hidden cottages/cabins in the woods. Moreover there are a couple of hiking trails up in the mountains which you can take so it was perfect to visualise this from above. I then offered to make a short promo video for them which they could use for their Facebook or site.

The next morning we waited for the sun to drive the clouds away so we could start ‘droning’. After five minutes or so we had are first ‘celebratory’ moment: the first ever drone crash. I went a little bit to low and to the left. In the end everything worked out fine and Gail & Alistair were happy with the end result. You may decide for yourself 🙂 :

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