A tranquil place in Kruger

If you’re looking for a quite place to stay in Kruger, Tsendze Rustic campsite is an excellent pick. Tsendze has got 33 sites and an ablution block (so no shop or restaurant like some other Kruger camps). Before you go to this rustic campsite you have to check in at Mopani camp, about 10km down the road. This is where you get your fixed spot in Tsendze.

An elephant at the gate

Once you arrive at Tsendze you have to open the gate yourself. Since we visited Tsendze in the low season we were ‘placed’ at an excellent spot near the fence, number 28. We only booked a week in advance so we were pretty lucky. After a short stroll on the campsite we saw that another visitor wanted to enter the camp: an elephant! He tried to open the gate with his trunk. It looked like he was about to enter Tsendze. While keeping an appropriate distance to the gate and the elephant we got a little closer. This gave us an excellent opportunity to watch this bull from a close distance. Luckily for us he didn’t manage to release the chain that was attached to gate. He then decided to walk away.

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Owls in the forest

We then stumbled upon a couple (human beings this time ūüėČ ) that wanted to show us a very special owl on the campsite. Hidden away in the trees there were several owls that were taking a nap. You really have to know where they are since they blend in with their surroundings so well. We managed to spot the African Scops owl.

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The bush sounds of Tsendze

After all these great spots on the campsite we decided to have a braai and enjoy the sounds of the bush. This is when the manager of Tsendze arrived, Roger. He introduced himself and we had a wonderful chat. He’s living on the campsite and has been doing this for over 8 years. He would love to work there till he’s 80 and needs a cane to walk on the campsite. At night we fell asleep with the roars of lions and the giggling of the hyenas. We’re starting to learn all the differents sounds of the bush.

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